ODOUR Absorbing Toiletry Bag

  • ODOUR Absorbing Toiletry Bag
  • ODOUR Absorbing Toiletry Bag
  • ODOUR Absorbing Toiletry Bag
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  • En återanvändbar luktabsorberande rese-storlek väska.
  • Dubbla lager med kol.
  • Vattenbeständig dragkedja.
  • Vattenresistent exteriör. Låsbar.
  • Proprietära kol lager för att absorbera lukter.
  • Dimensioner 25.5cm×15cmx15 cm

Dimensions 25.5cm × 15cm × 15cm


ABSCENT bags have been offering the best option in odour-absorbing technology since 2010.

Designed and manufactured exclusively in North America, these unique bags are now available

in Europe and the first store where they'll be available is the Maxgrowshop. 

The ABSCENT collection comes in a variety of sizes to suit every customer’s need-

From a smaller pouches/toiletry bags for daily use, to a larger backpack/duffel bag for travel - ABSCENT has a bag for you!

Using only the finest (raw) materials, each bag is meticulously constructed and inspected to ensure the highest-quality production.

Both functional and stylish, ABSCENT bags are also discreet. They appear as any regular sports bag/backpack/toiletry bag or wallet- on the outside… It’s the inside that makes an ABSCENT bag so special.

All bags are double-lined with specialized carbon filter material. The zippers and outer textiles are water-resistant. The industrial Velcro helps to seal the bags and contain the strongest odours. Travel worry-free within your own country’s borders.

With your ABSCENT bag you can transport almost anything with confidence that odours are contained.

The bags have been tested and prove time and again that you can never be too safe or careful when transporting strong-smelling goods.

ABSCENT bags are simply one of the most interesting products we’ve seen in years.

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